Meet Lureta

Meet Lureta

Hello everyone!

My name is Lureta and I’m the author of Journeying by Faith.

I married my best friend 24 years ago and we have been on a journey of discovering and living out God’s plan and purpose for our life together ever since. We have been blessed with two amazing children.

So far we have discovered we are meant to love each other with all our heart, body and soul. We have also discovered that hard times are meant to draw us closer to each other and to God, not pull us apart. This journey has opened our eyes to grace and forgiveness and has taught us what it means to “trust in the Lord with all our heart.”

So why am I here? After all, there are so many other women who have a blog with a similar niche. What makes my blog any different to theirs? My answer is simply this. I’m here because I felt a call on my life and this is my voice. It’s the voice of an introvert who was told she would never accomplish much. And it’s a voice I’m amazed God could use. Broken by the words, attitude and actions of others who could not, or did not want to see my worth, God called me to start a blog. A blog he has chosen to use as a journey of healing in my own life.

When I felt the call to write a blog, honestly, I was scared. I knew it was going to take me out of my comfort zone and expose my vulnerability. Still I decided it wasn’t a choice, I wanted to be obedient to the Lord.

My greatest desire is to answer His call on my life, to step out of fear and to be courageous. It is a journey on which I get the awesome privilege to share, encourage and inspire. This is a journey by faith.

P.S. Should anyone ask you, I love cheesecakes, chocolates, and coffee!

I welcome you to journey with me.

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All bible verses are taken from the NIV unless otherwise noted.

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