Hope was born from Love on Christmas Day

Hope was born from Love on Christmas Day

Hope was born from Love on Christmas Day

The Christmas season is in full swing for many of us.

We have our trees decorated with festive lights and ornaments while bright-colored stockings have been hung from our fireplace mantles. All in hopeful anticipation for a visit from the red-suite, round belly, jolly old man.

(By the way, that’s for those who still believe in good old Santa Claus.)

The malls are alive, crackling with the noise of animated shoppers busy looking for that perfect gift. I personally try to avoid the malls, as best I can. I figure I’m less likely to get trampled in a “buy one get one free” stampede or worst yet, suffer a concussion from a flying frozen turkey!

Seriously though, it’s the time of the year when church pews are filled with joyful worshippers. Drawn in by the power of Love, united voices can be heard singing “Joy to the World” and “O Holy Night”.

“And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” Luke 2:10

Young and old alike anticipate the receiving and giving of gifts and look forward to the merry sounds of laughter as we gather with family and friends. We day-dream of the delightful meals to come followed by cherished moments sitting by the fire reminiscing on our yesterdays. Nothing beats a fire side chat while sipping on hot apple cider on a cold winter’s night!

Christmas is truly a wonderful time of the year.

And yet….

Even as many of us prepare for this festive season, for some, Christmas is merely another day to try to survive. It would seem there’s an unvoiced expectation that all should be happy and cheerful. We express dismay at the ones who readily admit to not looking forward to Christmas. Not only is this an unrealistic expectation but it is one that is burdensome for many people.

I know from experience that our problems don’t vanish into thin air just because it is Christmas. And it becomes difficult to balance or even manage the whirlwind of emotions some might be feeling during the holiday season. Christmas can be one of the loneliest time of the year.

Is there any hope?

For so many, the year has been a tough one. Unforeseen disasters. Finances running short. Not to mention, hearts that have been broken, loved ones who have been lost and dreams that were crushed or destroyed. For these, the Christmas season is far from celebratory. Instead, it comes shrouded in a blanket of pain, depression and hopelessness.

And this is not only happening in our little corner. Around the world, amidst the turmoil of wars and rumors of war, many are asking

“Where is the hope?”

“..isn’t Christmas the beginning of our hope? It is the celebration of God becoming man and taking on the ‘form of a servant’ so that he could ultimately give His life for us.”~ Dr. David Jeremiah

I happen to agree with Dr. Jeremiah.

I believe that Hope was born from LOVE and journeyed to us on that first Christmas morning. A day specially prepared for us by our Heavenly Father, who sacrificially gave His only Son to a world void of hope.

Can you envision it? Hope came down all bundled up in Love, bestowing peace, joy and goodwill to all men? This Hope that came in the form of a baby boy so many years ago, is very much available to us today.

Oh what a glorious day!

May this truth ring loud and clear in our hearts this Christmas.๐Ÿ“ฏ As loud as the church bells ring and as loud as the choirs sing.๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽถ

Though we may get dragged down by the heavy cares of life, may this truth never be far from the fore front of our mind. Sometimes life strips so much away from us, it is all we can do to cling. Dear friends, let us cling to Hope.

“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

Hope for a weary world

“The hope that God has provided for you is not merely a wish. Neither is it dependent on other people, possession, or circumstances for its validity. Instead, biblical hope is an application of your faith that supplies a confident expectation in God’s fulfilment of His promises. Coupled with faith and love, hope is part of the abiding characteristics in a believer’ s life.”
John C. Broger

Can we reach out and share this Love, this Hope with someone today?

Let the true meaning of Christmas not be lost amidst all the tinsel and gifts or even in the joyful gathering of family and friends. Instead, let us embrace the gift of Hope born out of Love for all man kind.

It has been an absolute joy journeying with you all this year. From my home to yours,

God bless you!!

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  1. We definitely can get caught up in perfecting our lives around Christmas time because thatโ€™s what it seems like culture tells us to do. But you are so right โ€“ we have hope in Christ!

  2. Congratulatons on being selected as this weeks Featured Fresh Find on Fresh Market Friday Linkup! I love the heart and intention behind your encouragement to not only seek hope but also pass this hope on to those in need of knowing our True Hope. Merry Christmas!

    1. Crystal, what a honor! I am thrilled to be this week’s featured post on Fresh Market Friday Link-up!! Thank you so much!! You kind words are encouraging to me. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas!๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ You are right, not everyone is jolly during the Christmas season but thereโ€™s an expectation that we should all be. Itโ€™s a lot easier to enjoy it when the focus is Jesus.

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