I don’t want to blog anymore (or so I feel)

I don’t want to blog anymore (or so I feel)

I don’t want to blog anymore (or so I feel)

It has been over a year since I started to blog but the desire to write simmered in my heart for quite a long time. So long that I keep finding dollar store books in storage boxes with blog names and unfinished entries from the earlier parts of 2000’s.

However, I was held back by fear and feelings of inadequacy. I wondered if God could really use me or if anyone would care to read my writing. So I kept ignoring the prompting, hoping it would dissipate. But nothing I did would erase the deep desire I felt to write and so on July 31st, 2016, I published my first post, a simple post rightly titled “Freedom from fear”.

When I hit that ‘publish’ button, wow! I felt a whole slew of different emotions!

I felt fear, apprehension and I had that sense of been overwhelmed. Had I gotten in over my head? Still, in the midst of all those swirling emotions, I also felt light. Like a weight had been lifted off of me. I also had a freeness in my spirit that I knew came from obedience. Obedience to God as I stepped into what I believed was a call to this form of ministry.

Since then, most times as I put pen to paper, words flow from somewhere deep inside. This, somehow, diminishes my fears and the introvert in me step aside to reveal someone who expresses herself with a boldness she knows can only come from God.


Blogging in many ways is not what I envisioned. Although I enjoy writing, I have to admit it is not always easy. It is time-consuming and I find it hardest to write and encourage others when I face struggles or distractions in my own personal life. My creative juices drain to low and I find it difficult to concentrate or give from the little I have in those times.

I like simplicity but the world of blogging seems rather complicated and at times overwhelming. I find myself adding words such as mailchimp, branding and ‘add ons’ to my vocabulary, some of which completely goes over my head. Throwing myself into the world of social media (something I had previously shied away from) in order to publicize and promote my site became a norm. Apparently, optimizing google search and email subscription is very important, who would have thought? Sometimes I feel like I am back in Algebra class and I’m staring at the equation through glazed eyes.

Still, writing has brought some awesome blessings into my life. I have met some wonderfully encouraging and supportive friends. I have also learned some amazing lessons on the journey.


1. Blogging has taught me, ministry is not about what I necessarily want. Instead, it is about obedience and being willing to be used by God. Allowing God to work through me even when faced with doubt, fear and anxiety or even the daily trials of life.

2. I have and continue to learn to push past the fear and trust God to do in and through me what only He can.

3. The game of comparison can easily catch us off guard. I am daily reminded I cannot compare my calling with someone else’s. This can easily distract me, causing me to miss out on the uniqueness of what God desires to accomplish through me.

4. I have learned that a tradesman uses many tools, some big, some small and that a hammer cannot do what a screwdriver does. Though in the same tool box, each serves its own purpose to get the job done. My efforts, though seemingly small, can have an enormous effect for God’s kingdom.

5. And lastly, I have learned that it is ok to have questions on this journey as along as I trust God to answer them as He sees fit. That the days when I may question my calling, I don’t allow my emotions, especially fear, to be the deciding factor on whether I stop or proceed.


Yes, there are days when I will wake up and feel “I don’t want to blog anymore.” These are days when I feel discouraged and weighted down by the complexities of life. But on those days I breath a prayer and remind myself, this really is not about me. I also know it’s ok to give myself permission to slow down or take a break if necessary. It is about faithfully serving God in the capacity I have been given. Allowing myself to be there for that one person who might type something into the google search field. Someone looking for a little encouragement or a ray of hope. And on the days when my sowing may seem futile and I get discouraged, faint hearted or just plain tired, I will trust in the One who called me, trusting him to bring in the harvest.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.

Colossians 3:23-24 NIV

Come on dear friends, let us journey together by faith today. God bless you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I started my blog in May 2016 and stopped writing in February 2017 but started writing again this month. I too felt like it wasn’t something I wanted to do anymore. I had definitely started it for the wrong reasons which is why I lost my drive for doing it. It wasn’t until this time I realized, like you said, it is not about me. It’s about Him. “Ministry is not about what I necessarily want. Instead, it is about obedience and being willing to be used by God even when faced with doubt, fear and anxiety or even the daily trials of life.” Amen! I am praying for you as God works everything out in your life for His glory.

  2. And I’m praying for you Lorin, that you will continue to allow God to use you for His glory.
    Be encouraged that our work for the kingdom og God is not futile. Though we may not always see the result of our work right away, let us trust that God will bring in the harvest.

  3. Daniel here…I might have gone through many of these blogs by now..
    Many a times I even wanted to put it across of my life’s journey, how His marvellous and amazing hand was upon my entire journey till now. Finally this is the first ever reply or a comment I have made…
    Thank God all you people of His grace…
    I am sure these blogs are gonna turn many lives
    I’m also very excited by writing all this in this very moment.
    Praise God…God Bless You all my beloved brothers and sisters.

    1. Daniel
      It is with joy and great honor I read your comment today. Joy, because I am thrilled to have you share how marvellous and amazing God has been in your life. Sometimes though He is there we don’t always see Him because His work in us may seem small. Yet His presence and love is constant.
      Great honor, because you this day and this blog to write your comment. Thank you for sharing a little of your heart with me. It is a blessing for me. I do pray God will use not just my blog but those of my blogging sisters to touch and encourage others like your self.
      Have a blessed day Daniel and I hope you stop by again.

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