He left ninety-nine for me!

He left ninety-nine for me!

He left ninety-nine for me!

This was one of the last few posts I wrote on my old blog site before coming over to WordPress.  I wrote this at a time when I was filled with the absolute awe of how great a love my Saviour has for me, a love that amazes me every single day.  There are days when we might stray a little or a lot,  or even days when life seems so overwhelming and chaotic we can lose focus of the unconditional love our Saviour has for us.  I thought I would share it with you today as a re-post.


The night is cold and even though I am wearing my thick woolen coat, I can feel the chill right down to my bones.

I must have been wandering through these thick bushes for a long time because there was still light out when I wandered off and now it is dark.  I did not realize I had separated from the others since I hadn’t planned on going too far.  However, with my poor sense of direction, “not too far” was much further that I had anticipated and now I cannot find my way back.

Initially, I  tried looking out for the rest of the group but the sun had disappeared rather quickly and I was now alone in the darkness of the night.

I am scared!!!

I shivered uncontrollably at the realization that I was desperately lost.  I know nothing about surviving on my own, out here, far from the others, in the dark, in the cold.

Oh no!

There’s a rustle in the bushes!

I have nowhere to hide and I am very much aware I could never out run whatever was lurking in the dark.  Images of lions and wolves flash across my panic-stricken mind.  My heart is pounding loudly in my chest and my weak cry sounded more like a terrified surrender to the invisible predator out looking for a late supper.

The rustling noise ceased and I nervously glanced about me.  I am completely helpless and vulnerable to my invisible enemy.   Moments passed and nothing appeared.  I breathed a sigh of relief but I am feeling terribly overwhelmed.

I am exhausted and in desperate need to rest and I fall to my knees, no strength left in them to hold me up.  Oh how I wish I was home, safely tucked in with the others!

My head rolls heavily to one side.


Another rustling in the bushes had my head swiftly up again, listening.  The noise is coming closer, purposeful movements heading straight for me!

I am shaking!!!

Before I knew what was happening, a dark figure loomed over me; long, strong arms reached down and hoisted me up, quickly placing me across broad, sturdy shoulders.  For a brief moment, the moon slid from beneath the clouds and through saucer-wide eyes, I caught a glimpse of a face; a gentle face, a loving face.

And then, an all familiar voice brought immediate peace and comfort.

“It is ok my little one.  Do not be afraid, it is I.  I have come to take you home.”

My body slumped against His strong shoulders, this time in utter relief.

I am safe!

My Shepherd, noticing that I was missing, had come looking for me and now He found me and was taking me home!

Oh how great a love that He left ninety-nine for me!!

Matthew 18:12-14

Come on, let us journey together by faith today.  God bless you!

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